Workshop Details

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained increasing popularity in the area of art creation by demonstrating its great potential. Research in this field has developed AI systems able to generate creative outputs in fields such as music, painting, games, design and scientific discovery, either autonomously or in collaboration with humans. Therefore, AI also helped to analyze and study the mechanisms of creativity from a broader perspective: from the socio-anthropological to psychological as well as cognitive impact of the autonomous creative processes of artificial intelligence. These advances are leading to new opportunities research perspectives, while also posing challenging questions related to authorship, integrity, bias and evaluation of AI artistic outputs. The workshop tries to address these research lines and it aims to provide a forum for the AI community to discuss problems, challenges and innovative approaches in the various sub-fields of AI.

The aim of this workshop is to explore the relationships between AI and artistic creativity from a broad perspective. Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

AI role in understanding human creative processes

AI systems able to either assist or produce artistic outputs

Cognitive intelligence and learning for music composing, performing and matching

Design of AI systems for human creativity through collaboration and co-creation

AI and cognitive aspects in human-robot interaction

Resources such as ontologies, knowledge graphs, textual corpora, annotated audio, video, or other content, about creative products (e.g. music, poetry, etc.)

Music classification and music similarity

Cultural creative ecosystems and social creativity involving AI systems

Evaluation methodologies of AI artistic outputs, and creativity in AI systems

Cultural, social and educational impacts of AI on creativity

Ethical issues raised by creative AI systems (authorship, integrity, bias…)

Neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology for AI on creativity