Accepted Papers


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Accepted Papers

  • 1) Nicolas Lazzari, Andrea Poltronieri and Valentina Presutti - Pitchclass2vec: Symbolic Music Structure Segmentation with Chord Embeddings

  • 2) Mattia Barbaresi and Andrea Roli - Machine improvisation through generalized transition probability graphs

  • 3) Luca Befera and Livio Bioglio - Classifying Contemporary AI Applications in Intermedia Theatre: Overview and Analysis of Some Cases

  • 4) Ken Déguernel, Bob L. T. Sturm, Hugo Maruri-Aguilar - Investigating the relationship between liking and belief in AI authorship in the context of Irish traditional music

  • 5) Luca Giuliani, Allegra De Filippo, Andrea Borghesi, Paola Mello and Michela Milano - A Multi-modal Perspective for the Artistic Evaluation of Robotic Dance Performances

  • 6) Andrea Roli - Robots, cells and baroque music: Creativity as an emergent phenomenon

  • 7) Maria Mannone, Valeria Seidita and Antonio Chella - Does Creativity Help Us Survive? A Possible Approach with Quantum-Driven Robots

  • 8) Dario Pasquali, Francesco Rea and Alessandra Sciutti - Detecting Lies in the Wild: Creativity and Learning @ the Maker Faire Rome