Workshop Program

Workshop Day: November 29th, 2022

Invited Talk

  • When: November 29th, h.10.00
  • Speaker: François Pachet, Director of the Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab
  • Title: AI-Assisted Music Creation: is the problem solved?

  • Abstract: Reflecting on over 10 years of research on AI-assisted music creation, this talk will highlight the most interesting results achieved so far, and describe novel issues related to the attempt of shifting from proof-of-concepts in the lab to actual tools for musicians. The talk will raise the question "is the AI music generation problem solved?", and propose a new series of problems arising from the very success of current technological approaches.

  • Bio: François Pachet is director of the Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab, where he designs the next generation of AI-based tools for musicians. With the label Flow Records he released Hello World, the first music album composed with artificial intelligence. This album is the result of the collaboration between AI, Benoit Carré aka SKYGGE and many other musicians. Prior to Spotify, François Pachet has been director of the SONY Computer Science Laboratory Paris. At SONY he set up a music research working on interactive music listening, composition and performance. There he conducted the ERC-funded Flow Machines project during which he developped technologies for style imitation under user constraints. This project produced the first mainstream music title: “Daddy’s car”. François is also a guitarist, and composed and published several albums. His latest book Histoire d’une oreille is an augmented book about how a musical ear develops through music listening.


  • h.09.45 - 10.00, Welcome, Organizing Committee

  • h.10.00 - 10.45, Invited Talk, François Pachet - (chair: Michela Milano, University of Bologna)

  • h.10.45 - 11.15, Coffee Break

  • h.11.15 - 12.10, Session 1 - Musical perspective - (chair: Allegra De Filippo, University of Bologna)
  • (12 min. presentation + 5 min. discussion per paper)
  • - Nicolas Lazzari, Andrea Poltronieri and Valentina Presutti, Pitchclass2vec: Symbolic Music Structure Segmentation with Chord Embeddings
  • - Mattia Barbaresi and Andrea Roli, Machine improvisation through generalized transition probability graphs
  • - Andrea Roli, Robots, cells and baroque music: Creativity as an emergent phenomenon

  • h.12.10 - 13.00, Session 2 - Dance, Theatre and Multi-modal Approaches - (chair: Valentina Presutti, University of Bologna)
  • (12 min. presentation + 5 min. discussion per paper)
  • - Ken Déguernel, Bob L. T. Sturm, Hugo Maruri-Aguilar, Investigating the relationship between liking and belief in AI authorship in the context of Irish traditional music
  • - Luca Befera and Livio Bioglio, Classifying Contemporary AI Applications in Intermedia Theatre: Overview and Analysis of Some Cases
  • - Luca Giuliani, Allegra De Filippo, Andrea Borghesi, Paola Mello and Michela Milano, A Multi-modal Perspective for the Artistic Evaluation of Robotic Dance Performances

  • h.13.00 - 14.00, Lunch Break

  • h.15.00 - 15.35, Session 3 - Creativity and Emerging Challenges in AI - (chair: Andrea Borghesi, University of Bologna)
  • (12 min. presentation + 5 min. discussion per paper)
  • - Dario Pasquali, Francesco Rea and Alessandra Sciutti, Detecting Lies in the Wild: Creativity and Learning @ the Maker Faire Rome
  • - Maria Mannone, Valeria Seidita and Antonio Chella, Does Creativity Help Us Survive? A Possible Approach with Quantum-Driven Robots

  • h.15.35 - 15.45, Final Remarks and Workshop Closing, Organizing Committee

  • h.15.45, Coffee Break